A bit about the artist…

Lamprini Costica was born in 1983 by Greek parents at the city of Thessaloniki, Greece, where she currently lives and works.


2014, BA (Hons) Fine Art at Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece
2008, BA International Trade Department at University of Applied Sciences, Western Macedonia, Greece


Solo Exhibition

2018, ”Mare Nostrum”, Former Ursuline school, Naxos, island of Cyclades, Greece.

2018, “Mare Nostrum”, City Council Hall, Ano Syros, island of Cyclades, Greece.

2017, “Entropy”,  Art Studio Irida, Greek island of Zakynthos.

Two Person Exhibition

2015, Costica Lamprini & Amanatidis Giannis, Memory , Historical and Folklore Museum of Nikiti, Greece.

Group Exhibitions

2018, 13th Collective Art Exhibition, <<Panigirospito>> St. Georgio Ia, Santorini, island of Cyclades, Greece.

2016, On the way to the truth, Artist Association of Northern Greece at Govedarou Art Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece.

2016, “In the cellars of Gerakini: Grecian Magnesite, visual approach of a sustainable partnership”, The Association of Visual Artists of Polygyros, Greece.

2013, To the Point-4th Faculty of fine arts I .Fokas . Department of fine & applied arts of
Aristotle university of Thessaloniki ”.Etching center of Sykies Helios” Thessaloniki ,Greece

2012-13, “4th painting laboratrory, etching center Helios”, Thessaloniki, Greece.
“To the Point”, 4th Faculty of fine arts I .Fokas. Department of fine & applied arts of
Aristotle university of Thessaloniki. ”Aggelwn Bima”, Athens , Greece.

Notturno, photography, print, 2017

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Copyright © 2017, Lamprini Costica. All rights reserved.

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